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Ramp Door Spring

Ramp door spring is designed for enclosed trailers, Dual Springs & Cables. "FREE SHIPPING"

Price: $159.95

Ramp door spring is designed for enclosed trailers. The system features a dual drum and dual cable to prevent the ramp door from free falling in the event one cable is accidentally cut. The universal mounting bracket has two 3/8" holes that allow the installer to bolt the spring to the rear header. Welding the bracket is also an option.

Includes all hardware necessary for installation except for mounting bolts 

96" wide 

Capacity: 160 lbs. 

Warning: The installation instructions for this product are recommended for individuals who have experience winding torsion springs. If you have not worked with a torsion spring system before, we recommend contacting a local garage door company to install this system. "FREE SHIPPING".

Units in box: 1